CARINO LC - Platform for developing automotive and industrial products


Development platform for automotive projects

CARINO LC is Arduino compatible platform specially designed for prototyping automotive projects. It also allows you to explore and learn more about working principles of your car! Using already made libraries you will be able to build your car related product prototype very fast. Unique features of CARINO LC allows working with both old and new car models. CARINO LC supports three most common communication standards that can be found in most modern vehicles. Modern cars have many modules responsible for different functionalities (such as engine control, ABS braking system, etc). These modules are exchanging information through three different communication networks. Cars built from 1996 in US and 2001 in EU have CAN communication network. In order to keep electronics costs low and to reduce number of wires, car manufacturers introduced LIN communication for less important information, (such as state of steering wheel buttons, rain sensors, etc.). Being a very lightweight and simple protocol LIN had its own disadvantages. They were poor reliability and low data rate. Keeping this in mind, car manufacturers started using one more communication standard - Single Wire CAN bus(SWCAN). SWCAN is slightly faster and more reliable than LIN, however slower and but more simple than CAN. CARINO LC supports two CAN communication lines (one of them works as CAN or SWCAN) and one LIN communication line. In addition to that it has plenty of input/output lines. These allow hardwiring the essential signals directly to CARINO LC. This way you can collect information from older cars with small amount information on CAN/SWCAN/LIN networks or those that do not have these networks at all!


What makes this tool unique
dual CAN bus

Two CAN bus connections allows to collect data from two CAN networks simultaneously. Also this gives opportunity to connect the unit between two CAN nodes and alter the data. This can improve the behavior of your car.


You will be able to read data from LIN bus. This gives you an opportunity to get information about button presses on your steering wheel or center console. You will also be able to emulate buttons, control your interior lights and much more!

Single wire CAN

Many cars have SWCAN bus which is not compatible with regular CAN bus. Having SWCAN connectivity, CARINO LC will give you access to greater range of vehicles.

High current digital outputs

3A output current capability will allow to control high power devices, such as relays, lights and even motors directly

high voltage inputs

12/24V compatible analog and digital inputs allow to read ignition status and measure high voltages directly, without additional shields

Bluetooth connectivity

Bluetooth connectivity allows to have wireless connection with tablets, smartphones, PCs or other Bluetooth enabled devices.

Arduino compatible

With supplied libraries you will be able to program the CARINO LC board through Arduino IDE. Board has Arduino MEGA 2560 compatible connectors. This will allow to use many of existing Arduino shields.

micro SD card slot

can store huge amounts of data for recording collected information during long trips

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